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Although communities feel magical, they don't come together by magic.

This Get Together newsletter is an ongoing trail guide for bringing a community to life.

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Expect clear, actionable steps, not ambiguous theories.

Our goal is to make the process of building a community less mysterious. So, when we send you an inspiring story, we’ll always frame them with our grounding principles.

Remember: Whether starting a run crew, helping online streamers connect with fans, or sparking a movement of K-12 teachers, the secret to getting people together is the same. Build your community with people, not for them.

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Kai, Kevin, and Bailey

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We send monthly-ish emails with clear, actionable steps and illuminating stories, not ambiguous theories.

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About the authors

Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh, and Kai Elmer Sotto started People & Company, a strategy partner for organizations like Nike, Porsche, Substack and Surfrider to bring confidence to community building. They’ve supported the creation and ongoing care for communities of investors, entrepreneurs, teachers, caregivers, dog-walkers, power users, runners, surfers, and more. 

In March 2021, People & Company was acquired by Substack, where they are currently focused full-time on serving their communities of readers and writers.

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