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Love that you're sharing about this idea Bailey! Deeply resonates.

I've always felt a bit out of place bringing up Platform coops among startupers, but I hope this vision can start growing little by little.

If you haven't already read it, this might be interesting :)


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This discussion makes my day. I truly feel that this kind of thinking and coming together is our best future across so many industries and aspects of our society. I look forward to listening to this podcast and also reading this New Yorker article about the Park Slope co-op. I used to belong to a similar grocery co-op in San Diego, the People's Market, back in the day when it was just a big warehouse with a cauldron of hot soup in the middle aisle. Never occurred to me, even though I work in public radio, that this could be applied to the very structures of our society, but I'm super interested in how this kind of thinking can impact our societal structures, and particularly arts and journalism. Will stay tuned! (And I'm not sure there's an "Jane Austen Connection" for the co-op movement, but will be on the lookout for that too!)

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