Thank you for sharing all of these ideas. They are really sparking my imagination!

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Mar 29, 2022Liked by Bailey Richardson

I absolutely love Substack, its mission, and the way it supports its writers. I can’t get enough. Thank you for this post, and thank you for making the user experience seamless.

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Going to try my first Thread! Thanks for the inspiration!

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I love Stygi at Midweek Crisis approach: https://midweekcrisis.substack.com/about Every week Stygi has great music and ties in culture and current events from Warsaw (this week’s newsletter is especially relevant as it addresses Ukraine)

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Cannot wait to take all these tips, curl up with a cuppa, and read and reflect.

The culture and support that you and the Community team creates is just wonderful - and it's something that I have found myself taking with me into the day job.

Thank you, Substack Community team.

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Thanks, Bailey!

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Cheers - very helpful

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Bailey, are you still with Substack?

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An excellent guide, thank you ! I am a less traveled stream of consciousness, it just flows .... but twists and turns are common.

As a wounded gladiator still fighting hard, I am literally bathed in blood, a good bloodbath !

Such a powerful tribute to a real nobody who matters forever. Both poignant and soothing. If only one person cared, and read to the end, actually meaning beyond as Death is just the beginning, my obituary would spell .....

Navigating the hardships in the wilderness, I´m like William Wallace in Braveheart shouting freedom, freedumb, freedump !

My used Swiss pocket knife instantly turns into an essential AR 15 and my rusty machete into an existential dilemma between an AK 47 and a Dragunov. Dear God, please forbid any home invaders from visiting or even burglarizing my humble shed in the jungle, only monkeys, snakes, and mosquitoes allowed !!!

This degenerate bizarro is WW3 upon all of us !!! But one just can´t go down without a fight, one´s rocking boat, one´s tough rules ! Imagine us handicapped in third-world countries heavily sanctioned by the US and EU. We´d love to have your first-world problems, I can understand you ! But maybe not, ours, struggling for mere survival, make us realize that slavery was not abolished a century ago, as it´s been bragged about in history textbooks. Evolution is only Evilution, humanity never learns. Darwin is always at it.

Scorch-earth regards from the tropical wilderness in Nicaragua, Central America, so every day I do or live real Safari. Sometimes I feel even overwhelmed by so much nature. No digital currency down here, and hardly any cash. I scrape by close to the Masaya Lagoon and Volcano, dubbed the Gates of Hell, google it. You know, hell, sweet home. Not sweet, really, kind of bittersweet ! My shabby $2 flip-flop Ferrari I walk drives me nuts, which is ludicrous. Yet I´m grateful in this hardcore jungle, for being still alive. Merely breathing is a blessing.

Joy just to breathe ! Life is not a word, it is a sentence. Joy to be able to enJOY it however cruel, bad, or ugly it gets. But who am I, to be this privileged ? I´m just a soldier of Christ, nobly humble cannon fodder, fighting in the first row, bruised and bloodied, one-armed, bringing a breath to the world, still breathing, quite heavily, though, praising the Lord, all in Jesus´ name, to the best of my ability, to my very last breath on the battlefield called LIFE ! For how much longer in this thick fog of war ? That´s the million dollar question you just bought !

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Very helpful advice. I post every three days, so I’m consistent in that regard. My posts broadly speaking are in the same vein more or less, but I’m somewhat all over the topic-map. I guess I’m still sorting that out. I think I need to reach out to more people on SS and ask to do a guest post. Tricky. Or maybe not.

Anyway: Thanks for the helpful info!

Michael Mohr

‘Sincere American Writing’


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