Listening to Simone Weil

December 2022

Complimentary 📙s to celebrate the new year.

April 2022

There’s a difference between a sense of ownership and actual ownership. I had to share this great conversation.

March 2022

Emergent tactics for building a community around your writing.

September 2021

How it's going cultivating writer communities at Substack HQ.

May 2021

Today we are proud to share the big news. Here’s how we made the decision.

March 2021

Interviews with Adam Bedoian of Margaritaville, Lewis Kang'ethe of The Fearless Community, and Ashley Hackworth of BTS A.R.M.Y.

February 2021

Claire Wasserman has connected 75,000 women on a mission to close the wage gap. Here's how she sparked Ladies Get Paid, then grew by passing the torch.
Interviews with Sarah Leung co-creator of The Walks of Life , Sophie Mona Pagès founder of LVRSNFRNDS, and Chris Turner, the leader behind The Ring…
A step by step guide recapping the launch of our Get Together correspondent program.
Kevin on shifting our services approach to meet today's needs

January 2021

Interviews with Ceyenne Doroshow founder of G.L.I.T.S., the NOW! team, and Joe Smith of Toastmasters + an invite to Get Together LIVE! with Claire…